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Odour Neutralising Systems

Ausenviro Services Range of odour neutralizers are a unique combination of essential oils and odour neutralizing agents for organic based odours. Can be used in landfills, transfer stations, garbage trucks, composters, leachate ponds, sludge presses, food waste areas, slaughter houses and rendering plants.

Our technology can target specific odour groups and reduce the likelihood of odour emissions complaints.

ONA technology is based on ONA compounds having reactive chemical groups which readily react with odour molecules to form new molecules (complex) which do not have the toxicity nor odour of the previous offending ones.

Offensive odours range across the full spectrum of acidic, neutral and alkaline odours. Our ONA products are composed partially of amphoteric surface active agents which provides for conclusive action across the spectrum of odours.

The Ausenviro Systems are designed to give amazing flexibility. These systems are designed to suit a wide range of applications from air conditioning ducts, rest homes, shopping malls, offices to garbage compactors wastewater treatment plants and sewage pump stations.

Main Features & Benefits:


True odour neutralizer.

Concentrated for low cost-per use.